Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration - Fire Damage Restoration


Fires are especially devastating because not only do the flames do much of the damage, but when the fire fighting team leaves, your property grapples with smoke, damage to belongings, and flooding due to excessive water that was required for dousing out the fire. Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration has been helping people in Pompano Beach, FL area get back on the road to normalcy after fire accidents. We will take the needed measures to restore and clean up the home to its pre-fire condition. Our team will also remove the pervasive odor of the smoke; deep clean the soot from carpet and upholstery and reconstruct portions, so it looks like your property was never consumed by fire.

We are known for our fast and effective solutions to disasters of every size, and the best news is that our services are just one phone call away on 561-260-5190.

What happens after a fire?

Residential fire threatens the sense of security of your family or time can bring your business operations to a standstill affecting your revenues and customers. The latest statistics show that structural fires happen every 65 seconds. When alarms sound, the fire departments give decisive and quick response. When the smoke clears, it is time for the Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration team to spring into action. We believe that the initial 24-48 hours after the fire damage is a golden period as far as recovery goes. Effective emergency solutions will stabilize the property and ensure maximum recovery.

Acidic smoke and soot damage after the fire is extinguished accelerates corrosion and deterioration of the building components as well as the vital assets.  Firefighters use water and dry chemicals that adds to the prevailing situation. It is therefore important to neutralize the toxic odor emitting from the smoke and also address the water damage that’s prevalent.

We’re there, because we care

We care about you and so we are always the first ones to arrive on your site when you call us. Our team makes sincere efforts to restore all your property and assets, and make them as good as new, so that no traces of devastation by fire are left behind. We just want you to call on as quickly as possible after your first call to the firefighting department!

Complete restoration, from start to finish

Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration handles complete restoration of your property that involves initial assessment, recovery process and final touches that transforms your property and restores its previous health. We will mitigate the damage done and also provide cleanup and water damage restoration services. Beyond visible damage to the structures, we also evaluate if the restoration has been properly done, and work on any missing links. The factors that we consider include cost of replacement versus restoration, the effects of heat and smoke, life expectancy of the asset, sentimental value, and reduction in value or use. Restoration service includes demolition, emergency board up, deodorization, soot removal, and reconstruction.

Services we provide:

  • Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration Pompano Beach, FL 561-260-5190Odor, smoke removal
  • Sanitization and cleaning
  • Air purification
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Charred content removal
  • Structural stabilization
  • Water damage restoration
  • Affected area reconstruction

Fire damage does not have to be the end of life, as you may think. Call our expert services to do the needful in Pompano Beach, FL area by dialing 561-260-5190!