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Water damage brings with it a host of problems for you to deal with. These not only relate to your property and its belongings but also involve the health of your family. When you allow the moisture to remain unchecked for any length of time, it facilitates the growth of mold. Unchecked dampness leads to hidden mold that causes health hazards. Mold spores trigger allergies, sinus, asthma, fungal infections, mycotoxin poisoning, and causes depression and fatigue.

Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration with its timely intervention will not let the situation get out of the hand. 

Following a catastrophe caused by floods or hurricanes, or when you suspect hidden leaks, quickly call our expert team by dialing 561-260-5190 in Pompano Beach, FL area. Mildew and mold easily grows anywhere it finds dampness and the right temperature. These omni-present microorganisms pose grave health hazards to home owners. We deal with remediation of dry rot, black dangerous mold, white, yellow, and pink mold varieties.

Mold: The silent yet deadly contaminant

Mold grows silently without an indication and you realize the problem only when it turns serious. It can grow in the bathroom, on the window frames, the basement, caulking, plumbing, ventilation system, furniture, cabinets, water damaged mattresses, wet walls, fabrics, sub flooring, drywall, carpeting, painted walls or the wallpaper.

Your family, especially the elderly and children, and your pets can easily fall prey to mold attack. Our remediation services with their eco-friendly chemicals will safely and quickly remove the dangerous mold spores from your property.

Mold removal Vs. Mold remediation: What you don’t know

You should know that it is never possible to remove 100% mold everywhere. This is because they are all around us inside our home and outside, too. The best that we can do in the indoor environment is to keep their presence in check and never let them reach the danger levels. They increase in numbers when they get moisture to thrive and surfaces to feed on. We make stringent remediation measures to remove mold from the walls and surfaces of your property by applying eco-friendly chemicals that last for long.

How we work?

You can gain from our 24/7 responses and get a prompt assessment of your property done. Our team uses dehumidifying equipment, water extractors, and air movers to remove the excess water followed by containment of the affected areas, contaminated material removal, content cleaning, disinfection and air purification.

Once Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration is through, you will get your good old property back- free of the mold nuisance, hygienic and smelling fresh.

What we do?

Detection: At this point, our team members will assess the situation and measure the extent of the problem.

Remediation: It makes use of the latest equipment and methods for thorough cleanup, decontamination and sanitation.

Odor removal: We bring out advanced deodorizers and use our odor-removal expertise, leaving the upholstery, carpet and the indoor environment smelling fresh and homey.

Prevention: Our preventive measures ensure that the mold will not find it easy to infiltrate your home to such levels ever again.

Get on the phone, dial 561-260-5190 and call our team for immediate mold remediation solutions in Pompano Beach, FL area.