Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration - Water Leaks Detection


Is your water bill getting larger by the day? Perhaps you hear the water running somewhere, but you have personally inspected all the taps and you find that there’s no leakage. When this is the case, the problem lies in hidden leaks. While obvious causes such as a burst pipe or a leaky pipe are easy to spot, in most of the cases, water leakage is difficult to locate and does unseen damage over time. Only a professional eye will be able to detect a leak with meticulous examination.

Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration provides the best quality leak detection solutions in Pompano Beach, FL area.

Why water leak detection?

Leakage can occur from the pipe hidden in the roof or around the house. Hidden leakage leads to serious structural damage to the building, poses health hazard to people as it promotes growth of mold and mildew. We focus on detecting the accurate location of the leak. After all, it is prudent to find the position of the leak in long pipelines instead of bearing the full line replacement costs. Whether the pipe line is just 10 feet long or stretches throughout your property, our services assist you with effective identification of the problematic area in a cost-effective way. Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration has helped its clients save hundreds and thousands of dollars through the years with our expert services. Our exact, non-invasive detection procedures protect buildings from structural damage. Call us on 561-260-5190 to get started now.

Tell-tale signs of water leakage:

  • Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration Pompano Beach, FL 561-260-5190Unexplainable increase in water bills
  • Unusual odor across the premises
  • Metallic part corrosion
  • Presence of damp spots on the ceiling, carpets and floor
  • Bubbled, peeling wallpaper
  • Wall, ceiling discoloration

Detection the right way with non-invasive methods

Re-piping is not the solution that we recommend because it is highly expensive and poses hassles for the owners. We consider this avoidable and use the speed of non-invasive methods such as acoustic sensors, snake cameras, and thermal imaging cameras instead. We have specialized equipment for moisture detection as well. Our expert team is well equipped for confirming the location of the water leak, such as, the slab leak and leakage associated with hidden plumbing in the property.

Use of the best equipment and the latest technology ensures accurate detection under the radiant floor heating system, foundations, and service lines underground. Our specialized equipment locates problems in long distance non-metallic/plastic water pipe minus the use of tracer wire.

Any situation, where you know that the problem exists but you cannot pinpoint the location is extremely frustrating. Your mind is reeling with questions and you want the best solution, quickly. Replacement is not the solution because the existing pipe has some good qualities related to service life and durability. For example, the old PVC pipes work well even today and do not have any major problems so discarding them without consideration is not a good idea.

Our leak detection experts offer non-destructive and non-invasive solutions for properties. You can call us on 561-260-5190 anytime in Pompano Beach, FL area to know how we can help you.