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Water damage restoration process can be extremely simple like vacuuming the water out to dry the room. In other situations, entire section of the home may require rebuilding. Ultimately, the aim is to restore the property to its pre-damage conditions, remove all traces of moisture through effective drying, cleanup, decontaminate and make your home livable again,. Standing water is extremely dangerous to your assets and property because it will keep on doing damage quickly and provide a perfect environment that facilitates the growth of mold and bacteria.

Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration is always there to listen to your distress call across Pompano Beach, FL area and intervene with tailored solutions in keeping with your specific needs. While we will do everything to restore conditions to normal, assets like your carpet and wall absorbs lots of water and quickly develops mold and bacteria that goes beyond the scope of restoration. In such conditions, we will recommend replacing material floors, walls, clothing, shelves, ductwork, drapery, air conditioning and heating system. We will take on re-building work wherever needed. We never suggest unnecessary repairs/replacements, and do what’s necessary.

We act fast, not last

The key to our success for the last 20+ years is commitment to our job. We act fast in case of emergencies and are on-site in the shortest timeframe. Just one phone call to 561-260-5190 and you will have experts by your side to deal with your situation. Acting fast has helped us to restore the properties of thousands of our clients through the years while keeping the restoration expenses to a bare minimum.

Quick, thorough and complete drying

Even miniscule amounts of lingering moisture in the upholstery, carpet, mattresses, drywall, flooring and wall will facilitate the growth of mold even after its removal so we cannot take any chances. Using the best quality equipment, eco-friendly chemicals, and dehumidifiers, we ensure deep and complete drying of all your belongings and property.

Restoration, rebuilding, reviving

Water damage leaves behind devastation and with our full-spectrum of disaster restoration and reconstruction services we remain prepared to handle any severity of the damage caused by water. Our services involve debris removal, cleanup process, water removal, drying, and rebuilding solutions. When temporary pass protection measure is a requirement, we will provide roof-tarping and board-up solutions for protection against the weather, security from unauthorized entry, and safety from the broken glasses.

When do you need professional intervention?

You need to call our services whenever water touches the drywall, creates a pool on any surface except concrete flooring or waterproof tile, and saturates upholstered furniture, carpeting, or even when you notice that there’s water present behind the wall or inside the crawl space. Small issues can quickly grow severe and lead to stained walls and mold formation. Do not let this happen, call upon Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration for professional intervention as quickly as possible. Your insurance policy might cover the water damage and your out-of-pocket expenses will be minimal because we will help you to process the claims and get due compensation.

Has a pipe burst? Did a leaky tap leave your kitchen flooded? Don’t leave such issues unattended! For quick water damage restoration service in Pompano Beach, FL area, call us on 561-260-5190!