Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach, a city that’s famed for its mystic beauty and surreal environs has a rather fishy name – quite literally! Originally deriving its name from a fish that’s found in the Atlantic, it first came about when Frank Sheen, one of the first residents of the area, blown away by the taste of the fish, scribbled its name on his survey map. The name caught on and the word ‘Beach’ was added to provide greater recognition. What was once a small farming community went on to experience massive growth in the mid-1900s, with settlers pouring in from all parts of the US due to its pleasant climatic conditions!

Today’s Pompano Beach is soaking in culture, art, history and retains all the essence of its old-town charm while being every bit of a metropolitan. It’s this mix of everything that draws people from across the globe seeking a taste of its diversified offerings.

Set against the tide:

While Pompano Beach may seem perfect in every aspect, unfortunately, it’s a part of South Florida, which puts it in the path of natural disasters, on one too many occasions. The occasional tussles with nature destabilize the economy, threaten its existence, yet the city manages to find its footing and regain its stature. It’s all down to the efforts of damage restoration companies like Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration that have stood by the community during its toughest of times.

A few examples include:

  • Hurricane Wilma 2005: Nature’s fury:

    When Hurricane Wilma arrived, people did not expect it to stick on for long, but it did and it caused massive destruction. With wind speeds upto 125 mph, trees were toppled over, roofs blown away and most of the neighborhoods were submerged in water. Thankfully, we got to our clients in time and helped alleviate the aftermath, by extracting flood water and remediating the damage done.

  • A ‘Cat’astrophic flood:

    Nature isn’t the only entity that wreaks havoc. Believe it or not, in 2016, the Florida Humane Society woke up to flooding, and realized that it was all down to the playful escapades of a cat, who’d left the faucet running for 17 hours. The damages amounted to around five-thousand dollars. While such a situation might seem unlikely, accidents like these do happen and Pompano Beach Emergency Restoration has dealt with such situations in the past with adroitness.

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